RAMS Publishing House

RAMS Publishing House was founded in 1999 by the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

RAMS Publishing House publishes monographs, journals “Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine” and «Cell Technologies in Biology and Medicine».

Director of RAMS Publishing House — Klavdia V. Movsesyan. 

Publishing House RAMS
per. Yakovoapostolskiy., 11-13, b. 1, room 1
Moscow 105064 Russia 
Tel./fax (007)(499)390-27-20
E-mail: bbm.ktbm@gmail.com


Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

“Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine”, monthly international scientific journal, presents original peer reviewed research papers and brief reports on priority new research results in physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, pharmacology, immunology, microbiology, genetics, oncology, and other topics. The journal was founded in 1936 by the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Recently introduced sections of the journal, entitled Biogerontology and Human Ecology cover novel trends in science. 

“Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine” is indexed/abstracted in Chemical Abstracts Service; EMBASE/Excerpta MedicaIndex Medicus/MEDLINE; The ISI Alerting Services; Medical Documentation Service; Current Contents, Science Citation Index; Science Citation Index Expanded, SCOPUS.

“Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine” is translated into English and distributed worldwide by Springer.

Vladimir P. Chekhonin, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of  Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Deputy Editors-in-Chief: G.T. Sukhikh
Executive Editor: N.E. Kushlinskii

Editorial Board:
Cezmi Akdis (Switzerland); L.I. Aftanas;  Rudolf Valenta (Austria); M.L. Blagonravov; A.D. Durnev; A.M. Dygai; M.M. Galagudza;  A.V. Karaulov;  V.Kh. Khavinson;  S.I. Kolesnikov; A.A. Kubatiev; D.V. Nikityuk; O.O. Novikov; S.S. Pertsov; E.Yu. Plotnikov; A.V. Semyanov; V.I. Sergienko;  D.N.  Silachev; A.I. Shchegolev; V.A. Shkurupy; E.V. Shlyakhto; M.B. Shtark; V.G. Skrebitsky; S.K. Sudakov; V.Yu. Timoshenko; A.G. Tonevitsky; V.A. Tutelyan; K.N. Yarigin;  V.G. Zilov


Cell Technologies in Biology and Medicine

The journal publishes only original papers from the leading research institutions on molecular biology of stem and progenitor cells, stem cell as the basis of gene therapy, molecular language of cell-to-cell communication, cytokines, chemokines, growth and other factors, pilot projects on clinical use of stem and progenitor cells. Presents original peer-reviewed research papers and brief reports on high-priority new research results.

G.T. Sukhikh, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of  Sciences, V.I. Kulakov Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, Moscow, Russia

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: V.P.Chechonin; D.V.Goldstein; Yu.A.Romanov; 
Executive Editor: K.N.Yarigin

Editorial Board:
M.A. Aleksandrova; E.R. Andreeva; L.B. Buravkova; F.Bussolino; T.Kh. Fatkhutdinov; Wolf-D.Grimm; A.M.Dygai; S.L. Kiselev; S.V. Pavlovich; I.N. Saburina; V.I. Seledtsov; N.S. Sergeeva;  D.N. Silachev; A.G. Tonevitsky;  M.V. Ugryumov; A.V. Vasil`ev; V.B. Vasil`ev; Z.M. Zakiyan